Classic and Retro Leeds Football Shirts

Leeds United are known throughout football for their all-white kit. However their choice of colour scheme is a relatively recent one. In one of the most well-known football fashion re-branding exercises, 1962 saw the team’s manager Don Revie abolish the blue and yellow strip the club had worn for the past 40+ years and replace it with an all-white outfit to emulate the great Real Madrid side. It seemed to do the trick as within two years the club entered into a golden era of domestic success. Prior to 1962, Leeds’ yellow and blue colour scheme had been worn in halves, as yellow shirts with blue sleeves and then finally blue shirts with yellow trim. The club’s first kit however was actually blue and white stripes and was worn from their foundation in 1920 through to 1934. Yellow and blue were not completely discarded from the Leeds palette however, and as well as regular appear as change colours, they also began to become incorporated as trim colours in the mid-70s courtesy of Admiral who, with the design, in conjunction with Don Revie, are known for creating British football’s first ever official, branded, domestic replica kit. Yellow and blue have not been the only change colours worn by the side however. Strangely, given its association with nearby rivals Manchester United, red was occasionally sported in the late 60s/early 70s, orange has made at least one appearance in the club kitbag and there was also an unpopular green and navy striped jersey that was worn from 1994 to 1996 before it was scrapped by manager George Graham after complaining he couldn’t see his players against the crowd when they were wearing the drab design. Little known electrical engineers RF Winder became the club’s first sponsor in 1981 and since then many other company logos have appeared on Leeds’ white jerseys including Strongbow, Whyte & Mackay, Packard Bell and Thistle Hotels.