Classic and Retro Other UK Clubs Football Shirts

The English Football League is the bread and butter of the game and has a hardcore following of some weird and wonderful clubs up and down the nation.

Spanning over two countries, clubs from both England and Wales compete in the EFL, having joined in the early days of it's formation in the 1920's. 

Consisting of three divisions, the top flight of the Football League is the Championship, which is one below the prestitgious Premier League. Below that is League One and Two completing the top four tiers of English football.

A number of great clubs have played outside of the top flight in the Football League, not just the likes of Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Nottingham Forest, Leeds United and Sunderland who compete in it now.

The great Manchester United found themselves playing in what is now the Championship in 1974 following their relegation from the first division. Dennis 'King of Old Trafford' Law scored for arch rivals City to twist the knife in the hapless Red Devils.

The three divisions have a number of large clubs who have had a huge fall from grace, with Portsmouth and Blackpool two noteable sides who fell from the Premier League to League Two within six years. 

Many iconic kits have come from these divisons, the well known colours and clubs that have been the backbone of the game in England. From the weird to the wonderful, you'll find it in the Football League.