Classic and Retro Crystal Palace Football Shirts

Crystal Palace’s kit history is without doubt one of the most complex, rich and varied amongst all football league clubs. The side maintain a flair for wearing plenty of strips and changing designs and colours wholesale regularly and its not surprising, therefore, that club have a reputation for never being too certain what their home colours actually are!The team’s first outfit was an Aston Villa-like claret and blue strip and these colours remained with the side until 1938 when more simple and functional outfit comprising of white shirts and black shorts was introduced. Claret and blue began to creep back in as a trim colour throughout the 1950s and early 60s before returning with a vengeance in 1966 in the form of a new light blue shirt with thin claret stripes. The colours were reversed a season later before a new outfit appeared in 1971 that saw a return to white but with a broad claret and blue panel running down the centre of the jersey. By 1973 however, the club were wearing royal blue and red stripes in an outfit introduced by their kit-savvy manager Malcolm Allison in an attempt to emulate Barcelona. This design has subsequently been the most frequently sported Palace kit ever since.However, there is one more twist in the Palace kit tale, namely the iconic white strip with blue and red sash that was first introduced in 1976, possibly also by the flamboyant Allison prior to his resignation, and was worn regularly until 1987. The design has often also featured as an away strip in recent years.Other Palace change kits, include white, yellow, red and blue - an even more varied selection than the home kits!Superstore Red Rose (part of the Co-op group) became the club’s first sponsor in 1983. More notable brands that have appeared on Palace strips since include Virgin, TDK and Churchill Insurance.