Classic and Retro Cardiff City Football Shirts

As with so many clubs, one of Cardiff’s most distinctive and memorable home kits dates from the 1970s - namely their Umbro all-blue affair featuring a white and amber stripe on the left hand side of the shirt (made famous partly by legendary football bad boy Robin Friday). Prior to the ‘70s the club had stuck pretty rigidly to a combination of plain blue shirts and white shorts with only occasional periods where ‘Arsenal style’ white sleeved jerseys were preferred. However, the club’s first ever strip, whilst still known as ‘Riverside’, was amber and chocolate (isn’t it remarkable how many early club kits featured ‘chocolate’!) This curious confection lasted for nine years before it was replaced by the club’s now familiar blue , introduced to coincide with the name change to ‘Cardiff City’ in 1908. Although white shorts have been the norm since the 1980s the club have sported several all blue kits, but the current 2010-11 strip sees them revert to blue shirts, white shorts and white socks in an outfit reminiscent of those worn for much of the 1960s and early 1970s. Away from home, white is the traditional Cardiff change colour although yellow has also been favoured in recent years. One of the club’s more unorthodox away kits came in the form of a purple and yellow combo that saw action in the mid-1970s. The Bluebirds have featured a whole plethora of brand names on their shirts over the years. The club’s first sponsorship deal was with Whitbread in the 1983-84 season although that campaign subsequently also saw two more sponsor logos appear on the shirt. The club’s longest deal was with the South Wales Echo newspaper and lasted from 1992-1997