Stand out from the crowd in a rare 'Crocodiles' shirt!

(Posted on 21/11/14)

Stand out from the crowd in a rare 'Crocodiles' shirt!

With the world getting smaller thanks to global technology and communication and interest in football shirts getting larger thanks to (at least in part!), its becoming increasingly harder to find a totally unique football shirt - one that you're sure you won't bump into somebody else wearing in your local high street or 5-a-side pitch.

Fortunately we can help as we've just taken stock of these superb and very rare international tops from the small African Kingdom of Lesotho. Beautifully designed and produced by African firm Basutoland Ink (Basutoland was Lesotho's previous name incidentally) these green, blue and white v-neck shirts are hardly ever found in the UK and in fact we believe we are the only company that are currently stocking them. Curiously the Lesotho team for the 2012 London Olympics were based in our home town of Wrexham!

The Lesotho Football Association is only about 10 years old so the national side (nicknamed the Crocodiles) are really only beginning to make inroads into African football and have never qualified for the World Cup or even the Africa Cup of Nations making their colours barely recognisable outside of their own country. Perfect if you like to wear or collect really obscure shirts that hardly anyone else will have!

Lesotho is situated, landlocked, within South Africa, has a population of two million and consists mainly of highlands.

To really show your individuality and stand out from the crowd a Lesotho shirt is the answer! But hurry, we only have a few…

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